Compact and High Performance. Create your broadcast graphics simple and easy.

TELOP BOX is a small compact laptop system which has all the functions to create broadcast quality graphics. It has capability to work with datavideo TC-200 and capable to output HD-SDI FILL/KEY or video composition output.

Professional graphics, scheduling, and play out to on-air functions are all packed in one compact system.
Just drag and drop to change the scheduling. Creation for graphics are so easy using many shortcut keys to create and save. Easy to understand play out console. Simple laptop and TC-200 system can create effective and high quality video expression.


Professional Graphics System from creation to output is all installed as standard.

This software has same powerful functions equal to our professional system which major broadcasters are using. So you have more power to control and create any kind of broadcast graphics.


High Performance Graphics Software.

TELOP BOX graphics software can create rich objects equal to what vector draw software can create. For example, the following objects can be created by just clicking one button.

Rich Enhancement for Graphics.

You can add up to 12 layers of edge shadows to objects. This effects includes edge shadow, edge drop shadow, 3D shadows so by blending together you can create all kind of expression.


Support many graphics format.

Graphics files created by other software can be drag and drop on this software. Supported format are all popular one like TGA(32bit), JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and also Adobe's Photoshop PSD.

3D graphics and animation.

Objects can be created usually on 2D canvas but convert to 3D layer to put it on canvas which has depth. Move objects to 3D layer to add objects with depth and can be rotated. Real 3D functions can give the user 100% creativity for the objects.

Many templates are available.

You can save the graphics you use daily as templates and save those for later use. Double click to read and use it over and over. Your daily job can be speedy and fast. Also there are many free templates ready to use for you, so even beginners can start creating graphics just using templates and change the contents.


Batch Input for Speedy creation.

Created graphics can be saved temporarily using batch input functions and later on all together saved at one time. Also, to each folder you can save graphics together. Just click thumbnail under batch input folders, you can read your graphics.

Very easy to use scheduling functions.

You can setup complicated scheduling by just using mouse thanks to TELOP BOX. Created on-air graphics can be saved conveniently to main level "program", or 2nd level "broadcast", and 3rd level "item". You can keep your on-air graphics on each levels so saving huge amount of CG graphics is very easy task.
Also there is no limit for programs and broadcast. You can save up to 50 on-air graphics to each category. For Example you have category "program", sub category " May 10th", and another sub category "special report", you can save on-air graphics to each levels of category.
You don't need to start play out software. Play out preview can be done on PC display. There are many features to make the operation much easier like even graphics with effects can be shown on PC display.


High Performance Play Out Software.

Created program saved by scheduling software can be output to on-air by play out software. GUI designed buttons and letters are easy to read. Just click TAKE button to play out as scheduled. Skip or jump on graphics and items are done by just one click. It gives you easy, simple and instantly understandable operation. Play out functions can call graphics functions and modifications made by scheduling functions are immediately shows up on play out functions. Even during live broadcasting, if unexpected change happened, you can handle this situation without any problem.

Simple configuration using only laptop PC and TC-200.

So simple just connect your laptop and TC-200 with HDMI cable. Now you can output HD-SDI FILL/KEY. Connect Camera or Video player with TC-200, you can do super composition.

Internet Live Streaming.

TELOP BOX broadcast graphics has high performance full features which are the same system as what many broadcasters are using.

Music festival production.

In music festival and live concert, when the information of the singers, players, and song's words are showing up on the stage screen, those will make the audience more exciting. TELOP BOX is small box system but can make this excitement happen. TELOP BOX give you the more power to produce exciting and impressive show for large scale of recital and exhibits.


Broadcast using projector.

Using HDMI connection, when you connect TELOP BOX to a projector, showing to screen is instantly possible. For presentation, announcement from school principal and producing events at school, this projector broadcasting can create very powerful effects for the show.


※If you are not using TC-200, output will be FILL key only. If you are using luminance key switcher, it is possible to do luminance key composition. Please ask us for more detail.

System requirements
OS Windows 7/8/10
CPU Intel Corei5 2.0GHz and more
HDD more than 5GB space.
Memory Dual channel 4GB and more
Graphics board Intel HD Graphics 520
Depends on Graphic cards, some of functions may not work.
Interface If using TC-200, HDMI format is necessary.


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